The privacy of our users is very important to us.


We do not sell our users' data. We do not pass on personal data to third parties.


The data is hosted in Europe

The data is stored in France (Paris) at an approved host: OVH (OVH Cloud Service). OVH is certified by the Data Hosting label in accordance with the law and the standards established in consultation with the National Commission for Computing and Liberties (CNIL) in France.


Our services comply with applicable regulations

Since our creation, compliance with all regulations on the protection of personal data has been at the heart of our action: the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the ePrivacy Directive and the French law LIL (Loi Informatique et Libert├ęs) .

Creation of the account on the "APP Phyto Equilibre"

1. Creating an account on the Phyto Equilibre APP is done via your mobile phone number with SMS authentication.

2. User data is stored in the database on our own server. Now only the mobile phone number is collected to uniquely identify the user. No other personal data is collected. Creating an account allows you to use all the features of the Phyto Equilibre APP.

3. With account deletion, your phone number will also be deleted. You can continue to use the Phyto Equilibre APP, but you will not have access to all the features.

4. No third party company can obtain information about users of our APP Phyto Equilibre and our platform. On the other hand, the Google Play and Apple Store platforms have the information that you have installed our APP on your phone.

5. In the Phyto Equilibre APP there are no cookies, tracking, geolocation or notification.

Terms on privacy published on March 30, 2023. These terms may be modified at any time, including in the event of a change in the laws.