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The symptom in medicine is one of the most important aspects of clinical practice. Symptoms are the signs of a disease or disorder that help healthcare professionals and patients determine the appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Symptoms can be physical, psychological, or behavioral, allowing a doctor to review a full variety of data to make a correct diagnosis. Scientific research has made tremendous progress in recent years leading professionals in the field to adopt a more systematized approach when examining and treating each individual patient so that they can achieve a better overall treatment outcome using less time and effort. In general, it is important that any patient be heard by his doctor concerning all his symptoms so that he can adequately assess his physical or mental condition before prescribing the necessary treatment. In addition, modern technologies can be useful for quickly diagnosing certain disorders through the use of biological tests, medical imaging, radiologists. Again, it is essential that each case be analyzed individually because certain pathologies often have common symptoms with different medical conditions.

Basic symptoms

1 Amenorrhea
2 Pregnancy
3 Post-partum
4 Vaginal bleeding
5 Excessive bleeding
6 Red vaginal discharge with syndrome of kidney deficiency
7 Swelling and pain in the vulva / scrotum
8 Breast hyperplasia
9 Fertility difficulties / infertility
10 Patinated tire / repeated pregnancy and repeated fall
11 Hot and cold
12 Afternoon low fever / daytime afternoon hot flushes
13 More hot and less cold
14 Body shaking / shaking
15 Edema of the whole body / extremities
16 Dementia / senile dementia
17 Mental depression
18 Like crazy / crazy
19 Delirium / nonsense
20 Sudden syncope
21 Dementia
22 Jerk
23 Hemiplegia
24 Migraines
25 Facial dark spots / chloasma
26 Facial swelling
27 Facial neuralgia / trigeminal neuralgia
28 Facial paralysis
29 Waking up with low back pain relief after sleep
30 hand tremor / vibration
31 Paralysis of lower extremities / atrophy of limbs
32 Lower extremity edema / beriberi
33 Unilateral edema of lower extremity
34 Unflexible limbs
35 Skin wheals / hives
36 Skin erythema
37 Bleeding from skin trauma
38 Skin purpura
39 Yellowing of the skin / jaundice
40 Yellow eyes
41 Ear canal discharge
42 Nostril bleeding / epistaxis
43 Crooked mouth and eyes
44 Cyanosis of lips
45 Chest pain / numbness
46 Chest tightness
47 Hypochondriac
48 Hypochondrium pain
49 shortness of breath / weak breathing
50 Furious
51 Wheezing / micro wheezing / shortness of breath / difficulty breathing
52 Asthma / chicken sound in throat
53 Can't lie down
54 Continuous cough
55 Coughing up blood / haemoptysis
56 Blood in sputum
57 Obstructed swallowing
58 Vomit / Nausea
59 Vomiting blood
60 Paroxysmal upper abdominal pain
61 Persistent abdominal pain
62 Unpalatable abdominal / stomach pain
63 inguinal hernia
64 Yin fox hernia from time to time
65 Blood in stool pus and blood
66 Dark stool / blood after stool
67 Leakage / difficulty urinating
68 Urine like rice swill/foamy urine
69 Hematuria / occult blood
70 Urinary incontinence / enuresis
71 Tongue distortion
72 Tongue pulses / tongue pain, tongue ulcers
73 Strong tongue
74 Pharyngeal albuginea is not easy to peel off
75 Shuttering / trismus
76 Recumbency / opistonus
77 Swollen lymph nodes / scrofula
78 Hepatic / splenomegaly
79 Tingling pain under the right rib/thumping pain in the liver area
80 Subcardiac pain / upper abdominal tenderness

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