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1. The APP PhytoEquilibre was born from the desire to make traditional Chinese medicine accessible to as many people as possible. The PhytoEquilibre APP facilitates the training and learning of the use of plants and minerals to treat various symptoms. Traditional Chinese medicine has been offering solutions for health, balance and well-being for thousands of years.  We doctors in traditional Chinese medicine with modern technologies have developed the PhytoEquilibre APP on several levels to provide you with practical and immediate solutions.



2. The PhytoEquilibre APP allows everyone to learn about the various aspects of traditional Chinese medicine. Learn at your own pace and evolve according to your knowledge acquired via APP PhytoEquilibre and in the practice of traditional Chinese medicine. Learning for all is possible with our APP PhytoEquilibre. Training for health professionals and practitioners or for those who would like to go further in their knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. The use and implementation of pre-registrations for health professionals and practitioners.



3. Only for health professionals and practitioners, our PhytoEquilibre APP allows you to practice traditional Chinese medicine in precise and personalized mode. We have put in place all our knowledge and all the technology that will allow you to create a personalized medical pre-registration according to the subject to be treated. All the essential elements for a correct personalized pre-registration are made available to you via the PhytoEquilibre APP to finalize as close as possible to the individual to treat the traditional Chinese medicine prescription.

Knowledge of the PhytoEquilibre APP of "Smart Chinese Medicine"

360 symptoms
130 pathogens
316 therapeutic indications
555 medical recipes

The important points of the PhytoEquilibre APP of "Smart Chinese Medicine"

1. 98% of “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” and more than 90% of “Synopsis of the Golden Chamber” were entered into APP PhytoEquilibre of “Intelligent Chinese Medicine”, and the treatment prescriptions reflected were completely consistent with the original works, without any difference. Currently in the world, no one can do it, we can with APP PhytoEquilibre.

2. Internal, external, gynecological, pediatric, skin, facial features, tumors and all other diseases can be treaty at the same time. Regardless of inputting 50 symptoms or 100 symptoms, syndrome differentiation and treatment can be carried out at the same time. Currently in the world, no one can do it, we can with APP PhytoEquilibre.

3. For each patient, for all complicated symptoms, the automatic analysis of pathogenesis, automatic generation of treatment methods, automatic combination of prescriptions, automatic provision of doctor’s orders, truly embodies the principle of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of one person and one party. This is currently in the world, no one can do it, we can with APP PhytoEquilibre.

4. As long as the main indications of famous prescriptions in the past are entered, the results reflected in “Smart Chinese Medicine” are basically the same. For example, if the symptoms of qi deficiency and depression are input, it is Buzhong Yiqi Decoction; if the symptoms of liver and gallbladder damp heat are input, it is Longdan Xiegan Decoction, etc.

5. For all more than 360 symptoms, a basic formula is set. And indicate the source, author, year and main scope of application of the basic formula in detail. At the same time, it also briefly introduces the author’s life story and his contribution to Chinese medicine.

6. In each patient’s prescription, if you click on the symptoms or pathogenesis, treatment principles, and medicines at will, you can directly explain the principles, and instantly connect the entire knowledge of Chinese medicine into one point. To achieve the purpose of learning conveniently and clearly.

7. The operation is very simple. It only takes a few days of study, and you can grasp the essence of ancient and modern Chinese medicine and the brainchild of countless famous doctors in your own hands, and you are basically competent for clinical diagnosis and treatment. Currently in the world, no one can do it, we can with APP PhytoEquilibre.

The instigator and creator

Doctor of Chinese Medicine: Zhang Changchun

Zhang Changchun doctor

“APP PhytoEquilibre” is all the medical wisdom of Zhang Zhongjing with the (Treatise on Febrile Diseases) and (Synopsis of the Golden Chamber). Our expert Doctor Zhang Changchun has spent more than 35 years researching and with his rich personal clinical experience, transferred this knowledge to computer computing, and the actual use of computer technology in medicine, APP PhytoEquilibre is a software recognized by the National Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the only one capable of carrying out with technology a precise and personalized clinical evaluation for each individual.

Students learning about traditional Chinese medicine are like a blank sheet of paper. If you teach them the right method, they will draw the most beautiful pictures on that blank sheet of paper. But if you mislead them, it is tantamount to etching deep marks in their brains, and perhaps their intelligence and wisdom will not be brought out.

The management and technical team

Expert en AI : Wang Luca

Expert en AI : Wang Luca

Expert in artificial intelligence, for more than 10 years he has brought his technical knowledge in algorithms to link the information and the bases of medical knowledge of Doctor Zhang Changchun for the development of a personalized and precise consultation.

Expert app mobile : Zhao Qian

Expert app mobile : Qian Bunao

Expert in computer language in mobile applications, for more than 12 years he has brought his technical knowledge in mobile applications on Android and iOS, both in the structure of applications, in the user interface UI and its fluidity on the user side.

Marketing & com: Feng Liu

Marketing & com: Feng Liu

Marketing and communication expert, for more than 8 years working on user behavior on mobile applications in order to enable and determine a marketing strategy. Provides expertise in communication between social networks and users.

Management Expert: Yupeng Eric

Management Expert: Yupeng Wu

Expert in team management and coordination, for more than 25 years he has brought his knowledge of team management and coordination to various projects. His expertise is important to advance and coordinate teams in complex projects.